A wooden slippers manufacturing method

1. According to the length of the foot, choose the wood, choose softer and better polished. Of course, the disadvantage is also because it is soft and easy to scratch.

2. The two sides of the sawed wooden block are rounded with a utility knife to engrave the groove of the heel, and the toe is carved out to make an approximate shape.

3. Grind the original shape with coarse sandpaper, polish it with fine sandpaper, and finally smooth it with sandpaper of 1000 mesh or more. Already beautiful~ If you like the color of the log, you can also apply a layer of varnish on it.

4. Use a pencil to determine the position of the hole on the raft. Make three holes to make a flip flop.

5. Start drilling with a hand drill, using a slightly smaller drill bit

6. The hole is like this

7. Deepen the hole at the front end of the sole. The hole is drilled to prepare for the rope.

8. The finished look

9. Paint the color with acrylic paint, brush evenly in one direction with a brush, try not to repeat the brush in one place, it is easy to have colored blocks, brush it again after the first time, after drying, dry it up.

10. After doing it, turn it over and start brushing the front.

11. If you have a photo of the artist, you can draw a pattern on it.

12. Start making shoelaces look at your personal preferences

13. fold three folds.

14. Passing through the hole in the back

15. Knot the knot at the back and tighten the knots repeatedly so that the shackles cannot pass through the holes. Because this cockroach is fixed, it is required to be strong, preferably waxed.

16. The details of the Knot

17. The front is like this

18. Both sides are stitched together.

19. The knot of the forefoot will be beaten in the treated depression so that the stability of the shoe will not be affected when worn.

20. Woof flip fops finished product

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