Hotel slipper

Looking for hotel slipper? Perfect for the office, home, spa, hotel, slipper and so on. Perfect for kitchens, restaurant staff, college students, and hotel slippers. These comfy and cozy doorcovers are perfect for getting in to those hot tubs or even lounging around the house. These slippers are a must have slipper for women. These hotel slippers are made of high quality soft material, which is very comfortable. There are 2 features of the hotel slipper:

Preserve your toes cozy and warm

Essential accessories to welcome guests



Preserve your toes cozy and warm introduce.

This cozy hot new slipper preserve your toes cozy and warm on those blustery days. The cozy and comfy slipper is ideal for those who are not comfortable to wear during exercise, walking or jogging to work. Perfect for travel, home, school, office, etc. Ideal for spa, loungers, office staff, patient, slippers, soles. Ideal for relaxing at home, these men’s slippers are perfect for women with long feet or those who travel especially on the move. Perfect to use in humid areas like bathroom. These christmas party slippers are lightweight enough that won’t weigh you down when you are walking, hiking or jogging.


Essential accessories to welcome guests  introduce.

Hotel slippers are essential accessories to welcome guests upon entering the hotel room. Particularly appreciated, this complementary item helps to make your guests feel comfortable, as well as provide hygienic and convenient solutions, especially in the bathroom.The collection of hotel slippers that we offer have distinct and particular features. These synthetic sponge slippers are perfect for the rooms of all accommodation structures and are available in many different styles: white or gray, open or closed, and with or without a beaded sole. The material from which they are made make these slippers resistant to odor and mold.Black velor slippers in either cotton or polyester fabric represent a refined and sophisticated touch for luxury hotel rooms, guaranteeing elegance and comfort.