Black printed wedge with flip flop



PRODUCT NAMEBlack printed wedge with flip flop
SIZECustomized upon request
COLORAs your requirements(ex.Red, white, black, blue, purple, brown, camel, green, yellow..)
PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICSSoft material, foldable, not easily deformed, soft and comfortable
DELIVERY TIMEWithin 15 or 30 days based on different quantity
FEATURESSoft upper, rubber foam material, soft slippers, easy to dry on the upper, anti-slip sole, 3D anti-slip design, stable grip, no slip on rainy days, repeated adjustment of curvature, smooth and smooth, reduce friction on the feet Non-slip, wear-resistant, flexible, suitable for swimming pools or beaches.

Soft bottom slippers, to say that the summer comfortable shoes, must be non-slippers! In the past two years, the styles of slippers have become more and more different. You usually disliked it and dare to wear it out of the street. Now it is a single item of the big star man! Soft bottom flip-flops, sports style flip-flops have changed in the past two years, from no one cares to now a pair of people, from the sports brand first launched, to the first-line big brands have been launched, it is a leap forward! You must wear a pair of sandals and slippers when you take a bath. If you step on the floor, it will definitely get cold for a long time.


Soft bottom flip flops, TPR bottom is common, TPR bottom process is divided into TPR soft bottom, TPR hard ground, TPR side seam bottom, and many friends say rubber bottom, beef tendon bottom, blow bottom, The bottom of the adhesive can be classified into this category. The advantages of the TPR bottom are: soft, waterproof, and have a certain degree of wear resistance. It is the rubber feel that everyone is familiar with, and the other is based on the TPR, which is pressed into the cloth to increase the durability of the TPR. Many people at this bottom will feel strange. In fact, people who often go on business trips are no strangers to those who love to watch Korean dramas. The hotel drag is basically done with this kind of bottom. The slippers worn by many families in Korean dramas are also such a bottom. The advantages of the EVA bottom are: firm, lightweight, easy to clean, comfortable and breathable, soft and colorful. Soft bottom slippers, easy to process, easy to bond, not easy to fall off. Suitable for beach flip flops, household flip flops, travel flip flops, etc.


Soft bottom slippers, beach flip flops are lighter, suitable for summer simple, lightweight sports. Generally lighter than sandals, soft, not easy to hurt the feet, the anti-slip effect is also better. The sandals are more seasonal, and the design elements are more obvious, usually more prominent than the beach shoes fashion elements. Especially when using beach flip-flops as walking shoes, the thickness is moderate and the anti-slip performance is also required. Many of these depend on the material and texture of the sole. Pay special attention when purchasing. Some beach flip-flops are made from a complete midsole through the shoe. This process allows the strap to be fixed more firmly. Even after degumming, it can be used for a while. It is recommended to buy such shoes.


Soft bottom flip flops, upper: webbing/deodorant rags; sole: EVA, rubber; Features: Designed for those who love outdoor sports, simple and comfortable. The strap system is a front “-” and “X” style, with a double-layer design, the inner layer is very soft and comfortable, and has a four-elastic cloth with good deodorant function; the African-printed nylon outer layer is beautiful and wear-resistant; EVA The shock absorption function of the midsole is very good, and the deodorant effect is enhanced; the outsole is the “TOREAD” sole designed and developed by the pathfinder, which is slip-proof and wear-resistant. The suction-type particle design is more suitable for Chinese terrain features. Better sex.