Sandals are a kind of toe-exposed shoes. They are mainly worn barefoot, and the ventilation is cool like slippers. However, the sandals are thicker than the bottom of the slippers and have a shoe last and more materials.

Sandals can be divided into many types: flat heels, wedges, high heels, etc. Traditionally, sandals, like slippers, are used for solemn occasions, running, driving, and improperly wearing sandals. However, walking in the summer to the beach, amateur leisure life is the most suitable for wearing sandals. Because of its extremely simple construction, sandals are the earliest items in human history that evolved from primitive wraps. Sandals have appeared in ancient civilizations, and their appearance looks like: straps or ropes tied to a solid sole.

The difference between flip-flops and sandals is that the flip-flop structure is simple, easy to wear and comfortable. Compared with the restraint of sandals, the flip-flops are more comfortable to wear. The sandals have support for the ankles and are not easily injured.