Sheepskin slipper

Sheepskin has been used since ancient times to warm and care for the feet. Since sheepskin is one of the softest and finest materials nature has to offer, a pair of slippers will help to regulate the temperature of your feet, both when it’s cold and when it’s hot. Once you try a pair of sheepskin slippers, you’ll be hooked! Not only are they comfortable, they’re also long-lasting. It includes:

The material of sheepskin slipper

Perfect for relaxing



The material of sheepskin slipper introduce.

Our “Traditional Range” Sheepskin Slippers are all made by hand in our workshop, made from whole twin face sheepskin, which is not glued or lined. They are made from pure whole fleece with nothing added or taken away. Real Sheepskin slippers will allow your feet to breathe and will prevent overheating by “wicking away” moisture. Each and every pair is handcrafted for you, by English crafts people, using the traditional methods. We first starting crafting sheepskin slippers back in 1986, many things have changed since then, but not our passion for sheepskin!


Perfect for relaxing introduce.

Sheepskin slippers are sleek home style slippers perfect for relaxing in after a long day. The great natural properties of real new zealand sheepskin keep your feet warm, comfortable and cosy. The fine woollen fibres of sheepskin allows air to circulate, which results in warm, dry feet in the winter and provides a natural cooling effect in summer. Own twin face process uses only specially chosen sheepskins which make the tight footwear specification. This results in a strong durable leather and a dense long lasting wool.