Shipping by sea cost

1. Line cost structure: European line: O/F+ORC+BAF+CAF+DOC+ENS+SEAL+ISPS North American line: O/F+ORC+AMS+DOC+SEAL+ISPS(+DDC+BAF) Central and South America Line: O/F+ORC(THC)+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Southeast Asia line: O/F+THC+DOC+CIC+EBS+SEAL+(+T/R) India-Pakistan line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Australia Line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Red Sea Line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Africa line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS

2. Expense details

O/F (OCEAN FREIGHT) ORC (Origin Receiving Charge) THC (Terminal Handling Charge) DOC (Document) T/R (Electric charge) AMS (America Manifest System) BAF (Bunker Adjusted Factor) Order Cheap Tramadol Online Cod CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) SEAL (Seal Fee) Ordering Tramadol Online Illegal ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Securry)