What are the comfortable flip flops?

Recommend Japanese genbei (げんべい) flip flops.


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https://www.ngoc.org.uk/uncategorized/future-events/fikln6u Flip-flops, a sole, a shoelace, something simple. The ever-changing, nothing more than making a fuss about materials, shapes, and colors. On these three points, Genbei gave me most of the products that I was pleasantly surprised.
Muji’s flip-flops do not match the “flat bottom”. “Comfortable” excludes the polyurethane material and establishes the “natural rubber” standard.


Several models entering the final finals are:

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https://therepairstore.ca/00p9psse7 1. Genbei
2. Havaianas Top
3. Havaianas Slim
4. Henry & Henry


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All of the above are in line with my requirements. In particular, Henry & Henry uses leather laces instead of rubber bands to avoid possible foot problems and comfort should be optimal. But in the end, I chose Genbei. After all, the choice of shoes depends on the style and foot style of each person. What brand to choose, just look at the function, what story can touch you. The following paragraph, taken from Genbei’s Chinese agent serious shopper (Chen Xiaonan) blog: Genbei (げんべい) from Japan, founded at the end of Edo, about 140 years ago. The earliest franchise was the “footbag” – a pair of socks that were sewn with cloth, separated from the other toes by the thumb, worn by traditional Japanese crafts and squats. Later, with the changes in the times and dressing habits, the demand for “foot bags” became less and less. Yeshan is located in the south coast of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The seascape is beautiful and pleasant, and not far from Tokyo, it is naturally a favorite summer sightseeing spot for urbanites, especially the sacred place for surfers. The “げんべい shop” operated by generations of the family has gradually turned into a monopoly beach flip-flop…
Genbei’s beach flip flops draw on many of the country’s traditional craftsmanship and recipes. In order to make the shoes with only one sole and the belt comfortable, the shape, size, width, length, height, hardness, and position of the pinch are all worked hard, and the improvement is constantly improved. The Genbei sole is now slightly narrower than the average flip-flop, and it doesn’t feel like pedaling under the feet, especially for the slim feet of Asians. The thickness is low and high, the foot is about 1cm, and the heel is about 1.7cm. The natural rubber material is soft, full, elastic, comfortable and wearable. The toe portion has a certain height, which avoids excessive friction between the entrainment and the foot surface, and the side has a three-dimensional appearance. The entrainment varies according to the length of the different shoe size, but it is not narrow, and it occupies a certain area on the instep to avoid the foot being too wide and too large. These seemingly inadvertent details have been carefully scrutinized and studied, and it is natural to increase the beauty of the feet. Plus, you can freely choose the color of the sole and the entrainment, and add a DIY personality and fun. …… In recent years, Genbei has become more and more famous through word of mouth and has changed from the small shop “げんべい店” of Yeshan Seaside to the most famous flip-flop brand in Japan. … not only many celebrities have become fans of Genbei, many brands, shops and groups are also vying to cooperate withGenbei to launch a limited edition of different LOGO engraving. The small brands that came out of Yeshan Township have already unknowingly moved to the world.
Ss I am a flip-flop enthusiast. I used to wear Havaianas. I also listened to the recommendation of friends in the industry. After I tried it myself, I was more and more inseparable from Genbei. I just introduced it to China as the brand No.1 for landing on my own Fieldnotes website.
She wrote: “Havaianas work fine, the new style is constantly, is the brand that dragged the flip-flops into the fashion field. And Genbei focuses on the simplest basic ‘starting state’ of the flip-flops and strives to be more comfortable in wearing comfort. The fun and space left us.” Even in Japan, Genbei has only two direct sales outlets, one is Yeshan in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is nearly two hours away from Tokyo, and the other is on Okinawa. This small company of fewer than ten people does not have a PR department, nor does it take the initiative to do any media promotion, but it often appears in magazines.

https://sieterevueltas.net/bk74sz1pd This picture is from the microblog of Fieldnotes.


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These two are from ss my own Weibo.




https://www.prehistoricsoul.com/zi1z46wr I also saw a few photos on Weibo, and I liked it. I posted it without permission. If the original blogger sees it is inappropriate, please contact me to delete it.





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https://mmopage.com/news/vf8w9qh2 You see, tYou see, the magical thing is that these unusually simple flip flops play a consistent sense of quiet in different usage scenarios. Leaning on the Hermes leather bag, placed beside the straw bag, lying on the canvas bag, it is safe and comfortable – with its simplicity, it provides a reverse balance for the delicate and regular shape; with its quiet, relaxed and casual atmosphere A solemnity. Paired with loose jeans or a skinny, it’s stylish enough. And it’s just a double word drag. Nothing else. This point “nothing”, gave Genbei space to “what is above the flip-flops.” Cooperation with MHL:



Children’s coloring activities in collaboration with Isetan Department Store:


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https://modaypadel.com/zw3gyalp Of course, compared to these, the comfort that the physical thing wears on the foot is more important.

https://manabernardes.com/2024/lqv9l6cq3r You can also check out ours.flip flop manufacturers 



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