How to choose a healthy and suitable flip flop?

How to choose a healthy and suitable flip flop? 1, choose a good material flip flops The general flip flop is made of foam material, which is relatively soft, and the rubber material has good elasticity and can provide sufficient support for the human body. In addition, the heel with concave design can make you walk more natural, and will not make your toes tense, always worried about the state of sandals falling. It may or may not be in harmony with your hips, but they will provide more support than your normal flip-flops. 2, choose the right shoe size

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Buy a shoe size that suits you, because there are a lot of code-named flip-flops, you can’t buy it for good looks. If you walk too big or too small, it will be very laborious.

3, choose the bandwidth of the flip flops First, choose the flip flops of the bandwidth. The support of the flip-flops on the instep relies on two narrow herringbone belts. Try to choose a number of flip-flops. The best herringbone belt can cover the middle of the instep and give more support to the instep.