How to clean leather flip flops

The flip-flops on the bottom of the skin can absorb sweat and deodorize, keep the soles dry and refreshed, and bring you a cool summer. However, if it is not properly maintained, it is easy to break down, especially for leather sandals. It is most likely to be broken if it is not wet. After washing, the grease on the surface of the leather will be washed away, and the leather will become hard and affect its characteristics. Therefore, if we want to extend the life of our leather sandals, it is very important to master some knowledge of cleaning skills. Clean your leather slippers Slippers should be naturally ventilated if there is no obvious dirt. Do not expose to the sun and dry near the fire source. Otherwise, the leather will become fragile or crack.

Buying Tramadol Online Cheap If there is dirt, the usual way you can take it is to wipe it with a semi-wet rag and then apply shoe polish.

However, it is not recommended for hand-polished skins, because the color of the hand-erased color will be washed away little by little, and the special leather decontamination cream will be used to remove the stains. The belt is also easy to hide, especially It is the inside and the pinch. After removing the dirt, use shoe polish to protect the leather. If the belt and the bottom of the skin are infiltrated with particles or dirt such as sand, you can use a foam cleaner to spray into the gap, press it with a sponge to make it penetrates into the seam, and then use a soft horse hair brush to squeeze the gap and brush the particles. Come out, and finally spray with a foam cleaner to do the final cleaning.