Make the skin of the feet too fast and aging:

First of all, the flip-flops are more powerful than the ordinary slippers, because the flip-flops only have two straps in the front of the shoes. According to the principle of the physical fulcrum, the heel and the heel When the heel is in contact, the strength is great. As a result, the skin of the heel is hardened, and the feet are exposed to the air, and the skin becomes dry. If it gets too dry, dry and hard skin will crack. Whether it becomes hard or cracked, it will make the feet look old, which is extremely indecent, especially for girls.

Second, because the design of the flip flop is too simple, most of the area of the foot is exposed to the air. Of course, this is not the main thing. The main reason is that the season of wearing flip-flops tends to be more intense in sunlight, and the ultraviolet rays are more prosperous. As a result, the feet will not only be tanned in a short time but also give ultraviolet light a chance to induce skin cancer.

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Buy Ambien Cr Generic Injury to the tendon and foot bones of the foot: Ambien Buy Online Uk Wearing a flip-flop, the main principle is to hold the two straps in the middle of the shoe by the strength of the toes and drive the whole shoe forward. In order to hold the shoes more firmly, the toes will be unconsciously stretched for a long time and curled up to grasp the soles. This twisted state lasts for a long time, causing strain on the tendons under the toes, and even nerves. Buy Real Zolpidem In addition, even though the human foot bones are usually relatively short and not easily injured, the front third of the sole has a row of the relatively slender phalanx, which is not so strong. The flip-flop greatly increases the pressure on the arch of the foot and the surrounding ligament tissue. In addition to causing inflammation, it can also cause a pressure fracture of the phalanges. Causes discomfort in the waist, internal characters: It is said that when wearing flip-flops, people often unconsciously change the gait, the frequency becomes faster, the steps become smaller, and the ankles are turned inward to stop the shoes, and the body is tilted forward, the knees will naturally bend. The spine of the waist will also bend. After a long time, not only will the pace become the inner character, the knees and the spine will be painful, and even sciatica will cause problems. Even though the chance of causing sciatica is relatively small, but you can’t deny it, maybe you are the one who is lucky. The foot is more susceptible to trauma: When people walk on the gravel road and on the muddy road, the flip-flops are not guaranteed. Recall that when you wear flip-flops, are you more cuts, stabs, and bruises? Sandals with buckles are a healthier option, not only do you have to bend your toes to keep your shoes from flying off, but also provide better ankle and heel protection. It seems that the flip flops can’t be worn often. Of course, we are not saying that we must completely abandon the flip-flops. They are great for beaches and swimming pools, or for a shower in the gym. If you have to wear flip-flops, don’t forget to protect your feet!