Wear flip flops Precautions

Although flip-flops are particularly popular in the summer, they can easily lead to stress fractures, heel pains, tendonitis, etc., which are the enemy of sports enthusiasts. So what should you pay attention to when wearing flip-flops?

1. Don’t wear flip-flops all day, especially when you haven’t adapted, it’s best to wear them for a short time, such as by the sea or by the pool. Wear flip-flops should not go quickly, time should not be too long.

2, do not wear flip-flops when driving a car, because it is more difficult to effectively control the brakes, the damage is greater than the high heels.

3. It is necessary to select a flip flop with a higher safety factor: for example, the sole is thicker and cannot be bent, which can provide more support for the arch. Or it is a large upper, it is not easy to get off the flip flops. The thin and thin flip flops that are worn in the bathroom and pool simply do not provide any protection to the feet.

4, do not wear the star of the dog. The star has reached a certain level. When you go out, there are paparazzi and tails. The person who wants to walk quickly is the most unsuitable for wearing flip-flops.

5, pregnant women, people who are overweight do not wear. People who are overweight need more support from their shoes. They usually put more pressure on their feet, ankles and backs due to obesity. The flip-flops will increase the loss of these positions and bring more damage to these parts.

6, easy to wear shoes do not wear. Paris Hilton’s sister, Nicky, often wears flip-flops in the summer, but she has gone shopping to drag the left-footed characters out and let the paparazzi next to the joke. In fact, sandals are very easy to be smashed, and flip-flops are more likely to be embarrassed. To ensure that they are not shackled, they can only be clamped hard. It is easy to hurt muscles and tendons when they are hard, so those who are easy to pick up shoes are not. It is suitable for wearing flip-flops and the image is destroyed.

7, the foot needs special care to people do not wear. Athletes like Ronaldinho and Yao Ming who are relying on their feet should not wear flip-flops. Flip-flops will increase their chances of sprains and falls.

8, under high -temperature weather, if long-term wearing flip-flops in the sun, it is easy to sunburn the skin of the feet and even causes skin cancer.

9. Don’t wear flip-flops for outdoor sports in uneven places.