The flip flops are also called “prong-toe slippers.” Regarding the slippers, the Qing dynasty Xu Wei thinks: “Towing, dragging, slippers, shoes, no heels. Anything to drag, take it lightly.” This definition of “arbitrary drag” reflects that the slippers are unfettered. The spirit of leisure. As far as the slippers themselves are concerned, they are unobstructed and can be set on the feet. It is undoubtedly the liberation of the feet; how to fit the shoes, the pressure is a kind of restriction on the feet, and it is forced to force Come out with “foot odor”. In real life, slippers can not only make people’s feet get rid of jealousy but also seem to be able to liberate people’s spirit from extremely intense work and life. Everyone said that wearing “flip-flops” would make the ankles, calves, and thighs symmetrical, and would play a wonderful role in the bodybuilding of the legs. It represents fashion, freedom, liveliness, and happiness. Flip-flops are still the favorite of young people today. The history of flip-flops can be said to be quite long. As early as thousands of years ago, humans used animal skins or all available materials to wrap them around the soles of the feet. It can be said that the earliest prototype of the flip-flops–the most basic mechanics of shoes!

The flip flops, which are full of free spirit and casual feeling, have been popular among designers in recent years and are used in various fashion shows. On the other hand, although the structure of the flip-flop is simple, it has unlimited creative possibilities. Illustrators and designers can use simple herringbone buckles and flat soles as free-form canvases, and consumers can even freely create their own, creating a free mix of herringbone and soles. Exclusive to personal design. And a pair of finished flip-flops can also be freely created by pasting various decorations. With such “liberalism”, how can the team of people who are not letting people grow up!
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