1.tape is legal

https://filmsofnepal.com/tpu899u This method is very simple. If you feel that your flip-flops are very hard, you can use tape to stick the part of the flip-flops with the feet. This will be good for feet and flip-flops. Ease the effect. When choosing a tape, choose a soft cloth tape, and choose a tape such as scotch tape, because the effect will be worse.


2. extrusion method

https://haveaircustoms.com/dz368ynq0k Many new shoes are likely to wear when they are first worn. However, not all shoes can use the simple and practical “extrusion method” to improve the condition of the shoes. But flip-flops can do this. If you feel that some part of the flip-flops can be worn with hardware such as mineral water bottles, the place where people can drag their feet becomes more relaxed so that they can be more Good to improve the condition of the flip-flops.