delivery time

delivery time Our delivery time is usually 30-35 days. If the order quantity is large, the time may be a little longer.

Sandals and flip flop difference.

Sandals are a kind of toe-exposed shoes. They are mainly worn barefoot, and the ventilation is cool like slippers. However, the sandals are thicker than the bottom of the slippers and have a shoe last and more materials. Sandals can be divided into many types: flat heels, wedges, high heels, etc. Traditionally, sandals, like slippers, are used for solemn occasions, […]

Shipping by sea cost

1. Line cost structure: European line: O/F+ORC+BAF+CAF+DOC+ENS+SEAL+ISPS North American line: O/F+ORC+AMS+DOC+SEAL+ISPS(+DDC+BAF) Central and South America Line: O/F+ORC(THC)+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Southeast Asia line: O/F+THC+DOC+CIC+EBS+SEAL+(+T/R) India-Pakistan line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Australia Line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Red Sea Line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS Africa line: O/F+THC+DOC+SEAL+ISPS 2. Expense details O/F (OCEAN FREIGHT) ORC (Origin Receiving Charge) THC (Terminal Handling Charge) DOC (Document) T/R (Electric charge) AMS (America Manifest System) BAF (Bunker Adjusted […]

How to make payment?

we support Payment by western union, PayPal,and bank etc.

How long for get sample?

How long for get sample? First of all, after the customer places the order, does our factory have the sample quantity that the customer needs, if there is no spot, we need to re-produce it. Samples are usually sent 3-5 days after the customer places an order.

How to order?

We can customize according to the needs of our customers. Of course, customers can also purchase our products at the station. 1. Purchase products 2. After confirming the product, send the products that need to be ordered to our mailbox. 3. Confirm the order 4. Payment 5. After we produce, arrange delivery

What to do with herringbone

1.tape is legal This method is very simple. If you feel that your flip-flops are very hard, you can use tape to stick the part of the flip-flops with the feet. This will be good for feet and flip-flops. Ease the effect. When choosing a tape, choose a soft cloth tape, and choose a tape such as scotch tape, because […]

How to buy samples

Purchase sample process: 1. The customer sends the sample to our mailbox and explains the sample quantity and the shipping address. 2. Buyer submits an order 3. Confirm the order 4. Buyer payment 5. Shipment

Custom pattern

Custom pattern We can customize the texture of the flip-flop bottom, which can be designed and customized according to the customer’s requirements. Rubber foam sole: Bump design brings a softer and more elastic experience, strong and tough, special bar-shaped texture, increased friction, and better slip resistance. Diamond sole: The sole has a rhomboid height and anti-skid pattern, which increases the […]

Custom upper line

We can custom flip flop Upper shading,Can be customized according to customer needs. Massage upper: fine texture, strong toughness, comfortable and comfortable feet, raised particles with foaming feet, high elasticity and softness, massage decompression, comfortable walking. Concave-convex upper: Bumpy and fine-grained, soft and comfortable, it can play a role in foot massage. Air column type upper: The air column type sole is designed […]

Herringbone heat transfer transfer technology process

一、the introduction of herringbone heat transfer printing technology Transfer refers to a printing method in which the image on the intermediate carrier film is transferred to the substrate by corresponding pressure, and depending on the pressure used, the transfer can be divided into water transfer, herringbone heat transfer, and gas. Transfer, screen transfer, low temperature transfer, etc. Among them, the […]

Herringbone is dragged into the daily standard of Southeast Asians

Flip-flops are not exclusive to Southeast Asians. In other Asian countries, such as China and Japan, many people love to wear them. Even in Europe and America, where the dressing is more orthodox, flip-flops are gradually accepted. But like Southeast Asians, dragging the characters into the “standard” of daily life, or even “wearing in” traditional costumes, in addition to Southeast […]

Flip-flop purchase

Flip-flop purchase 1, choose a good material flip flops In the selection of flip-flops, the laces between the sole and the toes are the key. It is best that the soles are not sponges, which only exacerbates the dangers mentioned above. Choosing a good sole will reduce the risk of dragging. For the choice of shoelaces, you want to prevent […]

Custom flip flop color

We can custom flip flops color, any color is possible: it including sole color, and strap color.  below is some example     Sole color: Any sole color is possible, you can choose by yourself, or you can choose from pantone color number.  Click here: pantone color number.pdf         Strap Color: You can choose any color strap, […]

“Long” flip flops

The flip-flops are not unfamiliar to everyone, so have you encountered the “long” flip-flops? The Italian brand DSQUARED2, which was built by a pair of Canadian brothers, recently launched a high-heeled flip-flop. The ankle looks a bit like a boot, but the foot is indeed an authentic flip-flop, even the plastic straps are the same. Do not look at the […]

Swap with flip-flops

Summer is the season of flip-flops, but everyone must have been tired of the common style of flip-flops. Today, we will come together to transform our flip-flops and change the style of shoes to change the mood. step 1: First of all, we need a double word drag and remove the original laces. In general, the flip-flops only need to […]